Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dear Growsmarter....

Growsmarter commented:
I'm sure you are a talented and deserving individual. You have also chosen to work for an airline that got started with a taxpayers'legal settlement, signed a sweetheart deal to avoid competition, and has avoided revealing its load factors. Worst of all, you are part of a group that spews pollution and noise into the Toronto waterfront 59 times a day.
The next time you land or takeoff think of all of the people whose lives you impact in the name of free booze.

Dear Growsmarter....

If you had a half a clue you would realize that I don't work for Porter(read a little more then what you want to further your own cause).

You people whine and whine about pollution and noise in DOWNTOWN TORONTO !!! You should be lucky not to get shot let alone have to hear the meeger buzz of a Dash 8.
Give me some hard evidence about noise (ever hear a street car go by, cars honking their horns etc... and then here a dash 8 400 take off ??? No comparison and this was when I was on your beloved downtown core having a coffee I noticed this.

The pollution caused by people having to sit in traffic for an hour to get to Pearson opposed to walking or taking the shuttle to the island airport probably saves tons of fuel and pollution. If you have facts to back up your opinion then I would be converted instantly.

The flight time from Toronto Island to Ottawa in a Dash 8-400 is within 5 minutes of an A320 which is spewing almost double the pollution and usually carrying the same amount of people unless it's the rush hour times of the day.

Also funded by tax payers ???? If the mayor would have built the bridge would they be out that money ? No probably not but you people that can afford to live downtown wouldn't want that would you. You "environmentalists" would rather have a diesel chugging ferry running 18 hours a day instead...what really is your concern as pollution and noise seem to be what you are creating.

You are upset about tax payers money when city councilors in Toronto get free golfing and from the Toronto Star article that equals 100,000 a year! They should make them give it to local charities..but these are the politicians you want in power because like you they want to further their own cause which is similar to yours.

Also ever hear of Bombardier ? That place runs on tax payers money so why don't you gripe about them while your at it. The reason the tax payers footed the bill is because people like you supported the current mayor to save your precious downtown and not build a bridge.

Next you are gonna tell me about how the extra road traffic in downtown is because of Porter and that the extra traffic is a threat to the children of Toronto...

I guess if I wanted your opinion I would have went to your blog to get it.

Thanks for coming out

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Blake said...

Dear Growsmarter,

I live about 1 km away from the airport. I can see it from my apartment building.

I can honestly say that I never hear the dash-8s taking off at the airport.

If noise is your concern, you should be complaining about the medevac helicopters that go in and out of the city/airport. But then again they save lives...

FD brings up a lot of good points about how much pollution driving to Pearson spews out into the air. I personally think having a dirty, smokey diesel ferry to move people 200m across the water to be even more stupid than your whining and bitching.