Saturday, March 31, 2007

EAA Museum #5

Miss Champion, yes it actually flies !! I guess it isn't too odd and is basically a gyrocopter ahead of its time. It is amazing how so many aircraft here at the museum are pretty much airworthy. Also it has winglets so it's very ahead of its time :)

Sikorsky flying boat. It could be one of the first "business" aircraft. SC Johson used this type (same one but a replica) to go into the jungle in South America to find the best wax (carnuba) and a viable source of it. I can just imagine how pioneering that flight would have been seeing that the Amazon is still a harsh environment.

Pitts of some sort, a gorgeous model airplane hanging from the ceiling near the entrance to the museum. It would be awesome to see a model of this size grace the skies. I would love to get into RC planes but the cost is almost worth buying a share in a small plane to fly in full scale :)

Christensen Eagle's at the entrance of the EAA museum. This has to be one of my favourite paint schemes of all time.

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