Saturday, March 31, 2007

EAA Museum #4

North American XP-51 Mustang. First protype developed in 4 months ! Nothing like war to get things moooving.

Replica of Rutan Voyageur
The real aircraft went around the world in 9 days without landing or being refueled ! Pretty amazing stuff and that's after it lost a winglet on take off also !

Two people spent 9 days packed in her like sardines. I can't even imagine it, you would probably get close to insanity from not being able to stand up for 9 days and sitting an inch from the other person. An amazing feat for a non military organization.

Again in the too small for comfort file :) This is the worlds smallest bi-plane. Due to its smallness it is extremely unstable and difficult to fly and was only flew a few times and then donated to the museum. It flew up to 200 mph which blows me away because it doesn't look like the most aerodynamic plane in the world !


k said...

We visited the museum and grounds a couple of years ago and had a pretty good time there. I don't remember seeing the tiny bi-plane -- that would have been neat! The item I remember the most vividly, though, was a bomb sitting next to an old war plane. The bomb had red lettering across it stating "General Purpose Bomb," which to this day still strikes me as hilarious in a ludicrous kind of way!

Flyin Dutchman said...

That is pretty funny.....under the title of "General Purpose"..."for your everyday killing needs" :)

They have added alot to the museum since my last visit and I would recommend it to anyone to stop in and check it out. It's pretty cheap too.