Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vectors to Moonn

Just climbing through 9000 feet for 11,000 off KVLL (Oakland/Troy) in the Detroit area. Our first intersection we are currently being vectored to in this picture is MOONN intersection. Ironically tonight the real moon is right off the nose as well. Beautiful night of flying as it was pretty much sky clear all the way. For these shots I had used a different ISO setting on the camera and it dropped my resolution in half so that's why its more pixelated. I was a bit upset when I realized I had not even noticed till the end.

Just turning to intercept the London VOR 213 degree radial inbound to London. Because of the amount of air traffic in this corridor they have to make pathways to make it simpler to manage traffic flow. If you are inbound to Toronto or east you get taken over the southern route and then brought north when south west of London. If you are going into Detroit you fly west bound and then get brought down south towards KDTW, KYIP, KDET.

Heading north still towards London. The sun has set and the moon is full and bright. You only get this opportunity about once a month so to have a clear night and to be actually up flying is to be pretty fortunate.

The black hole in the middle right is the nose of the airplane. Because the shutter speed is slower I need to take pictures that have as little movement as possible. Here we are about 25 miles away so it is as clear as I could get it. Trying to shoot from directly above moving at 300 knots doesn't turn out so well.

The Center of the Universe which its considered by those who live there...this is Toronto :) The highway just to the left of the nose is the 401 and traffic was backed up for quite awhile. You can see it as one continuous string of lights. The moon helps to use a bit faster shutter speed but still can't stop the blur. I mean I could but it would cost me a couple thousand dollars so I can live with it :)

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