Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sunrise over Michigan

Quick turn from the night before...just after seeing the sunset from last night I am treated to it showing its face again this morning. What you can't see is the type 4 fluid we used after having to de-ice the airplane after a freak dumping of snow. We pulled the airplane out 15 minutes before departure as it was overcast and fairly warm. The last passenger was late so we waited for another 30 minutes. In this time a snow squall came in dumping about 2 inches of snow on our warm airplane turning it into an ice cube. So back into the hanger to clean it off and apply the anti icing agent and due to Murphy's Law the last passenger just showed up as we did this. Now the people who made us late (well its all at their discretion but we try to keep a schedule :) are coming to me asking if its necessary to clean off the airplane and can we just hurry up and go. I said we can spend the 15 minutes now de-icing the airplane or when we end up at the end of the runway we will sure be wishing we had. Apparently that worked to get him off my back :) I used to think of it in terms of their safety but now I just think of not wanting to die at work so they are taken care of by proxy if I just worry about me :)

It's amazing how fast it happens, the sun came up over the clouds in a matter of minutes. Same with the sunset too. For something so peaceful and beautiful it only lasts for short time so you better enjoy it. Good analogy for life too I guess.

Clear and cold sky makes for a brilliant morning moon. I think it was around -35 at FL180 and with the winds and lack of dust or pollution the sky appears so dark blue. This shot does not do what it actually looks like any justice. But I tried.

Just entering Michigan from the east. The warm sunlight waking up the ground below. I go on about how I love this time of day and that time of day. I just love being up in the air anytime.

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