Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sunset in Dorval

Second time landing on runway 24R at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The runway is about 5 miles ahead on this almost winter evening. General aviation at PET is on the south side of the field but for some reason 24L was shutdown at the time. Its quite a long taxi when landing this runway but change is good.

Sun setting and just about to head off on the last leg of the day to Quebec City. Its around 2 degrees so its an enjoyable evening to be outside taking pictures. Not so often do you get favorable light conditions.

C-FBDR a Bombardier Global Express. This one is operated by Skyservice in Montreal. This plane is huge and only 2 people deplaned when it came to a stop on the ramp. Even companies that have lots of cash must feel the operating cost of these machines. To acquire, maintain and operate would cost a fortune. It has incredible range to the effect of 6500 nm at long range cruise of Mach .82.

Taxiing in off 24L CYUL.

Done for the day, this bird was parked for the night and the pilots just walk away. The rest is taken care of by the ramp guys and a cleaning staff come in to give the plane a good through clean.

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