Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another Jetstream

14,000 feet trying to duck out of the winds but not having that much luck. Winds here are around 75 knots off the nose. The warm weather I have been reporting is trying to be pushed away by the colder air mass pushing in from the north. Winds at 36,000 were up to 165 knots in the core of the jet. The clouds pictured (taken by the co-pilot) were different then usual. They were very fragmented and had zig zag holes in the center of them. Nice to see something different for a change. Follow this link to take a basic on line meteorology lesson.

Through 7,000 feet in the climb out. There wasn't too much turbulence to speak of considering the wind gradient today but each 1000 feet you could feel slight jolts as the wind speed picked up 5 knots or so every thousand feet. I had trouble getting the lens cover off my camera in a hurry but wanted to capture the look of skimming over the cloud tops. A little too late for that but still shows what a great evening for flying.

Just got cleared direct to YYZ (Toronto VOR). So its a right turn and the wind directly off the back. This is the only direct tailwind we will get on this flight and too bad it only lasts 10 miles.

Just climbing up to FL270 and the winds have increased to 146 knots. Basically thats around 300 km/hr so pretty damn fast. No bumps to speak of up here suprisingly its smooth as silk. The airplane is a bit heavy so it took a little longer to get up here but consider an increase in about 50 knots from FL210 it was worth it.

Another sunset, another dollar in the bank and a great day of flying. Usually at times like these one of us will say " I can't believe we get paid to do this".

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