Saturday, December 09, 2006

Metro Detroit, one word..huge

Again this area is huge. It goes west as well which you can't see too much from this shot. Right about this time I had my first ever speed restriction on departure. We were told to slow 30 kts to maintain separation from a Saab 340 going on the same route.We didn't get above 5000 feet for the first 40 miles, I kinda hate high density airspace for the fact it is a bit less efficient on a personal scale but if you could see all the crap going on around you, you would be able to appreciate the why behind every instruction.

Downtown Detroit and the Ambassador bridge going into Windsor, Ontario. Driven over it many times but much rather be flying by it. Statistically it would be safer flying over these neighborhoods then driving through them :)


Poor quality but its the best I can do from about 15 miles away.

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