Saturday, December 09, 2006

Detroit KDTW

KDTW or Detroit Metro. If you have flown commercially into Detroit this is where you landed. We were flying over at a dead time so it was almost as if the airport was abandoned. I didn't see one aircraft flying in and the gates looked empty. I like airports with terminals in the middle. Seems more efficient for taxiing as no matter what the wind direction is its an equal taxi to any runway (relatively speaking). Last time we flew over this place it was hazy and I was unable to get any good shots.

Flying by at 3000 feet.

A huuuuuge complex. It always amazes me as to the infrastructure, people, money and resources that go into running an airport. They are basically their own economic city.

I have ranted about recycling after seeing this huge piles of garbage before so I will not get into it again. But 4 big piles in a row of garbage. Again I still do not see hardly any recycling in the US which should be a priority along with the global warming issue. Recycling programs opposed to reducing CO2 levels could be implemented almost instantly and actually increase revenues and divert waste from landfills. Whereas reducing CO2 emissions will take longer as people will not want to curb their excessive habits such as driving Hum V's to the grocery store and to have SUV's that will never see mud in their life time but soak up twice the amount of fuel. Also curbing emissions means buying more fuel efficient cars (predominately foreign) which would hurt this area greatly as they don't call it Motor City for nothing. The final approach fix for Willow Run is CARRS. This is turning into a rant so I will continue.

This picture just goes to show the sprawl of Metro Detroit. It goes on forever north, south, west. Today is about the best I have seen for air quality in along time so I was glad to take some clearer shots of this area.

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