Thursday, November 16, 2006

Man's Best Friend

The neighbour's puppy who I caught in mid bark here. Its amazing how they can be so small yet so fierce :)

This dog won't win any awards for intelligence but he is the only dog I know who appears to be high on Prozac all the time. You just have to say his name and he comes running, tail wagging, tongue hanging out all happy to have attention. In this picture he is sitting in the puddle with the expression on his face saying "Hi I am BUUUUUDY"!

Here is my mother's dog. I believe a dog's demeanour is in direct relation to how to you treat that dog. Now Lexus here is treated like a person in the sense she is talked to like she can understand what you are saying, she sleeps on the bed, sits with her butt on the couch and feet on the ground, and when in a car sits in the seat as I do. When people talk of emotional IQ this dog would score very high up the list. The downside is she gets all weird and depressed like if you get upset with her. She's a Lab Rotweiler mix so I don't get mad at her often, I just try to keep on her good side.

Here is the backyard at my sister's house. I got a phone call today saying I said I would put it on the blog and I hadn't yet so here it is now back off ;) Kidding ;))))
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