Monday, November 06, 2006


No airplane ever said...I wanna be a Beech 18 with turbine engines when I grow up :) Here is a Beech 18 that looks as if it served in WW1,2, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq wars. Some would call this a clapped out bag of crap but I would consider it a Joan Rivers of airplanes. Its old yet still keeps on making appearances even though it should just retire ! It is used for cargo purposes only, because would you ever get on it ?

Magnum PI coming in for a landing (Hughes 500). I am not really zoomed in much here because while I was taking a shot of the Beech 18 I could hear the helicopter getting louder and louder and finally looked up and he was hover taxiing about 20 feet away from me ! So I used this vantage shot to get up close and personal.

A look at her backside....if she was a women it would be big and saggy ;)

Ugly but commands respect. The Sikorsky CH-54 a heavy lift chopper. It would be a flying version of an ant I suppose. To put it into perspective it weighs as much as a B1900D fully loaded plus 3000 lbs and has two Dash 8 Q400 engines rated 4800 SHP each ! Its empty weight is around 20,000 lbs and max take off is 47,000. So it can pick up tanks and the equivalent of 15 cars :)
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