Monday, November 06, 2006

Detroit, Jetstreams and Quebec

Detroit, Michigan. Motor City USA. Basically if you drive a car made in North America the odds are good that it came from here, if not from here at least from one of the manufacturers that are based here. Detroit is spread out and is freakin huge. Its a bit dirty, and crime is high but also areas such as Point Blank (where the movie Grosse Point Blank was set) which are mature areas with lots of large trees and rich folks.

My airplane goes about 255 kts on its own through the air. As you can see from this shot we are level at 23,000 feet and doing 353 kts. That means mother nature is blowing about 100 kts on the bum. Its nice to see for sure. The sad part is that we have to come back and even at 16,000 feet the winds are close to 80 kts on the schnoz.

Just on the downwind into Quebec City. Its a lovely day but getting a bit bumpy. Not looking to the flight back west with a 70 kt headwind. We are actually going back at 10,000 feet to stay out of the winds. At 20,000 feet it would take us close to 2 hours and 30 minutes. At 10,000 with only 40 kts of wind it is going to take us 1 hour 55. We will burn an extra 100 pounds an hour on this flight because we are low but since we save 35 minutes of flying it only adds about 150 lbs of burn yet saves .5 hours on the engine and airframe which equates to about 400 dollars of savings and costs us about 85 bucks more in gas. So we net 320 in savingsish.

Not as pretty as it was a month ago but still pretty nice. Most of the leaves have fallen off and soon it will all be covered in snow.
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