Monday, November 06, 2006

Cold Front Passage

Just about to start our descent into the destination airport. This is the trailing edge of the cold front and the blue sky is a welcome sight. At the departure airport it was +7 when we landed and I went for a walk and by the time I turned around to walk back it was near 3 degrees, raining and the ceiling dropped by about 4000 feet. Winter weather patterns kick arse !

Layers upon layers of clouds....I always wonder why is that layer there or that one cloud there. Here there is at least 3 visible layers of cloud. Usually when the front has gone by you get a uniform stratocumulus layer like the one seen below.

VFR now flying up the Madawaska river valley to Edmunston, NB. Only took one shot as it was bumpier then all hell. I would recommend New Brunswick to anyone looking for great scenery. Its a minitature version of the southern interior of BC. Now this is one of the joys of the type of aircraft I fly....if I was flying in a 767 for example I wouldn't be able to cancel the IFR and fly at 1500 feet down a river valley. Mind you I was worried about the weather here all day as I had to fly VFR the last 30 miles of the trip as there is no IFR approach. Mother nature co-operated and made for a great flight. I only lost a few more pieces of hair worrying. Most people get grey's but I am genetically setup for it to just fall out :)

To capture the feeling of flying low level up a beautiful valley and an end to a great day of flying, mother nature provides us with a beaming display of sunshine from behind a hill. Its gonna be cold (relative term) tonight and we are expecting lots of frost....

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