Monday, October 23, 2006

Porter Airlines of Toronto a threat to Children...

Ok now this is an issue close to my heart as it involves airplanes. It also involves another aspect dear to me and that is stupid people.

Because the rich folks of downtown Toronto don't want "loud & noisy" airplanes taking off disturbing the peace and tranquility of the Toronto waterfront they are really grasping at straws, when an arguement to have the flights stopped is because of the increased traffic near a school.
Now my question is.....will an airline create demand to fill 70 seats on an airplane that never exsisted ? I mean the people who will be using Porter's service all just decide "Hey since there is an airline that flies to Ottawa I am gonna go on it" ? NO ! They are already the ones driving from the downtown core or taking cabs to Toronto Pearson creating all the traffic on the Don Valley Parkway, Lake Shore, Gardiner Express etc. Talk about pollution, all those people commuting to Toronto Pearson on a regular basis. These people are worried about a turbo prop that makes the noise of a mouse fart on take off and the increase in downtown traffic. I am sure when put into comparison, net pollution vs number of people moved per km you will find that by not supporting the Island Airport creates exactly what they are trying to avoid (as they say which I think is a load of crap).

The Honourable(ish) Mayor was elected based on killing the bridge to the island as more flights into the island will cause more noise and pollution and debeautify the waterfront. So the bridge deal was broken (35 million went to REGCO AKA Porter Airlines) because of the deal break. Now Porter is operating 10 flights a day to Ottawa and how can they do this all without a bridge. Well they are using the much more enivornmentally friendly diesel chugging ferry that now runs from 0530 till 2400 non stop ! If only I could get the numbers to prove it all and then send a copy to the Mayor to see if he is really for the environment and the waterfront. Hopefully he won't be Mayor for long.....after seeing his little blurb on getting re-elected on CP24 News his only point was that you are re-electing him. I guess he thinks because he was hired for the job once it is logical to be voting him back in. Sorry I am ranting. I just wish this arguement over apples (actual environmental, societal impact) vs oranges (less noise and less people disturbing the Queens Cay residents) would be proved by some sort of study basically to shut them all up so when they keep on whining about bullcrap you can tape a sheet of FACTS over their mouths and just enjoy the scenery. Now just one more question....did the City of Toronto think of all the traffic and schools (full of children at risk when crossing those roads) that would be on the drive to Pearson ??? I am suprised it didn't get shutdown.....

From the Toronto Star
Porter flights draw pickets
Activists mock lightly travelled airline on its first day
Oct. 23, 2006. 10:59 AM
About 30 protesters, bundled up against blustery winds coming in from Lake Ontario and bearing signs that read "Boycott island airport," were at the foot of Queens Quay and Bathurst Street to greet the first set of Porter Airline buses this morning.

"Another empty bus. Another empty bus," some of the picketers on hand at 9 a.m. chanted as one bus drove past them carrying a lone passenger to the ferry docks.

The protesters say the flights from the Island Airport will add to pollution in the city and create safety issues.

"This facility here has two schools and a daycare centre. There’s a community centre here," said Bill Freeman, spokesman for Community Air, as school children crossed at the lights. "Children are going to be crossing. So traffic is a very big issue."

"This is a funny protest," said Adam Vaughn, candidate for councillor of Ward 20, where the entrance to the airport is located. "How do you protest something that no one is going to use?

"Airlines usually start off with a bang and sort of quickly whimper out. This one is starting out with a whimper and it’s just going to go thud."

The protesters had dispersed by 9:15 a.m. but said they plan to step up their rally at 4 p.m.

"This is a great day for travellers looking for competition, convenience and real value when they fly," Porter Airlines president Robert Deluce said in a statement.

Porter is starting out with 10 round-trip flights on weekdays between Toronto and Ottawa. There will be two round-trips each Saturday and Sunday as well.

"We’re looking forward to adding destinations in the coming months," Deluce said.

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