Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is not the ordinary view on approach into Ottawa. Since the air was so smooth and the traffic was light we decided to have some fun. Here is a picture of us on a 5 mile final at 9500 feet. On a normal approach at this distance back from the airport you would be at 1500 feet. We did the math to see how late of a decent we could make and we still had to add power so I am thinking about 3 miles and a bit from 10000 feet can be done. The problem is I don't want to cut my margins too thin and look like an idiot when I need to do a 360 to lose altitude. Its nice to have a little safe fun from time to time, keeps it real.

I find the biggest problem when trying to take pictures from inside and airplane is the lighting which causes reflections of my shirt of the stickers by the windows. Well on approach to runway 24L in Montreal I quickly grabbed the camera for a beautiful evening shot. Turned out alot better then I thought. Its amazing how they pack in all the little apartments and houses here. As you can see at this point I have pretty much given up looking for a place to land if the engine quits as there is nothing but houses, highways and malls. (I don't really give up cause I feel if I slack for a minute and stop worrying that's when murphy's law will come and woop my ass :)

Could have made this a little more level but with the winds and bumps it was hard to get the camera to focus at this zoom length.

This is what an approaching warm front from 10,000 feet looks like. The row of clouds ahead were a little bumpy and were filled with so much moisture we could hardly see the wing tips. Its very cool to see but its amazing how there can be that much moisutre to cut visibility to about 30 feet :)
Tonight the cold front has passed and the rains have let up. The clouds won't be that interesting tommorrow as they will be fairly thin layered and cumliformed (flat and slighty rounded edges like a uniform sheet of cotton balls)
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