Friday, September 29, 2006

First signs of winter...

After going through ACC (altocumulus castelanus) which are basically vertically developed finger like clouds with massive precip we finally broke out on top at FL240. We were just coming out of the tops and were considering going to FL280 just to get into the beautiful sunshine. This is on the backside of the warm front that I took a picture of the other day. The sky is so wickedly blue and the temperature at altitude was -32 which I haven't seen since the spring. As for the first signs of colder weather we picked up a trace of ice that stayed with us till about 6000 feet where it warmed up above zero. The airplane performs much better in this cold air and we had 2000 feet per minute in the climb whereas in July out of West Palm Beach at 34 degrees we climbed around 700 feet per minute.

The moon sneeking a peek through the tops of the clouds.

This picture was taken somewhere in Quebec. This picture does not do the scene justice as the light shining through the cloud as the sun was setting and the leaves changing made for such a great view. I love this time of the year, too bad it seems to go by so quickly.

The sun was setting and the lighting was perfect just before this shot on the approach to runway 25 in Ottawa. The background was super dark blue and the sun was gleaming on the aircraft on final. By the time I grabbed my camera it was over. So this picture was my consolation prize. Ameriflight is a US cargo carrier and this airplane is a Fairchild Metro. This one looks in really good shape for a cargo plane. The one I used to see in Winnipeg was a clapped out bag of crap. Appearance doesn't matter to a package I guess.
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david said...

Why's the rime ice so far back on the wing? Did glycol or heating clear it near the leading edge, or was it actually the friction heat from your airspeed?

I moved my Warrior from CYOW to CYRO today, and all the talk of runway 25 and your photos of the airport in other postings are already making me a bit homesick.

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey David,

The rime is just on the leading edge of the boots and wouldn't even blow off with a cycle of the boots as there was not enough really. Plus the boots are in need of some ice-x to keep the ice from hanging around when it really starts to get thick.

As we departed today we flew over CYRO and I really wanna land there as it such a beautiful site. Cliffs and water what more could you ask for ! CYOW is highly overated :) Although fire trucks, ILS's, and 9000 foot runways are nice :)


david said...

OK, I see the ice now. I had originally mistaken the reflection of the winglet for a patch of rime, and it seemed to be in a strange place.

Thanks for the kind words about Rockcliffe -- I'm still nervous about the move, but I'll give it a year and see what I think.

Flyin Dutchman said...

I went and looked at the picture again and can see what you were talking about.

I am sure moving to YRO won't be too bad. Plus you have the museum and musical ride to check out when you are done flying :)