Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cape Cod

General aviation in the US blows Canada out of the water and it amazes me how much private small aircraft operations there are. Here is looking down a small row of aircraft in Province Town (KPVC) Mass. (Cape Cod) Lots of money in this neck of the woods.

Cape Air Cessna 402C. Just after I stepped about 5 feet closer to this aircraft security came out and told me to stay back. Its amazing at this small airfield the tight apron security. This flight is headed to Boston Logan (KBOS)where 2 of the 4 9/11 aircraft took off from. Security (or reactionary measures) is severe there. It amazes me to at every airport I go to if I just say a tail number of an aircraft parked on the ramp people will not question or id me and allow me to walk straight out.

Its hard to see but the yellow line is the secure area for the scheduled aircraft.

Sand dunes and PC12's nice litte shot of the Cape and its environs !

Sorry for the delay on the posts. I have been on the road so much that taking pictures isnt fun as I never see home and see most of the same places over and over these days. This was a new destination worthy of a post.

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