Friday, June 30, 2006

Chasing a beast

Picture of a CB just getting to the mature stage by my parents house. It was clear skies all around except for this monster. I was on my way home which would take my towards it so I figured I would get a few more shots of its life cycle.

Its a biggy.

About 10 miles from the center of it. It got pretty dark and I managed to stay dry, I was just on the edge of the cell.

Rained on me as I was driving and this is just the tail end of it. They say most tornadoes ride the southwest flank of a CB and this was the SW side of it but this ain't Kansas.

Now this is Kansas style thunderstorm activity ! No actually just out front of the auto wreckers on the way home.

Not a rainbow but just as nice.


Emmy said...

Those pics turned out fine! I think you captured the size of the cloud very well. Pics will never be as impressive as the real thing, and I think that's a good thing.

Flyin Dutchman said...

Thanks Echo for the comments. Did you end off with that comment so that you imply how you think about the pictures of you on your blog ;)

Echo said...

Oh behave