Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Trouble on the horizon.....???? or Not ?

Entering West Virginia from the south. Lovely scenery except the next few shots show you what lies ahead...

The whispy cloud overtop is the anvil top from the thunderstorm about 80-100 miles away. It got a bit turbulent but nothing bad considering what it would be like 80 miles to the north east :) Again we lucked out and our routing took us right on the edge of this storm allowing me to get some nice shots of it.

Getting darker as we approach the anvil top. Winds normally flow out from west to east but today the winds were 65 kts out of the East North East. Anvils on thunderstorms always point in the direction of the wind and that is why the storm is east of us and we are going under the anvil. It isn't much of an avil as its dying out and just turning into cirrostratus.

This would be peeking out the other side and noticing another cell to the north of the one we are going around. Again I am glad we didn't have to navigate around these ones as in total there was about 4-5 cells all in a square and around each cell was another one lurking. To go 1200 miles and not hit any weather en route but be able to ride beside it is not a common occurence. But I sure enjoyed the sight.

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