Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The sim

Sorry to have to split this post up but the picture uploader was freezing so I have to use Picasa to do it for now. Anyways here is part of the visuals for the sim. That metal cabinet is full of Dell computers running graphics alone. Amazing how much computing power goes in to drawing a moving picture this size.

Again the outside of the sim.

In position Runway 07 at KORL (Orlando Executive) This was the only peaceful time in the sim, that is because we haven't started moving yet and have things break on us :)

No its not an electrical fire its me taking a shot not knowing that the shutter speed is slower because of the light. Kinda neat effect though. To tell between a series 9 and a series 10 PC12 you can see the switches to the left of the white knob. On a series 10 those are removed and are placed on the overhead panel. I believe most series 10 have two batteries also which in an engine failure scenario would be helpful to power the ton of avionics and computer screens.
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Anonymous said...

Are these NVG compatible or friendly at least? :)

Yeah, Adam, the truth is that you were enjoying one too many of the Innis & Gunn's! :)