Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flightsim the non Microsoft kind

Simcom Orlando. in order to get the pictures needed for this blog I spent a week down in Florida getting trained on the airplane I am currently flying. There was me and another guy from my company with me here and this room is where we spent 4 days together. And if that wasn't enough we had to fly together in the sim :) These pictures are courtesy of him and his Nikon D70 which takes great shots. Thanks FG.

The PC12 sim in Orlando is based on the series 9 PC12 and is pretty old school and has instrumentation only on one side. Which is appropriate as most people train by themselves and the aircraft is a single pilot aircraft. But companies that send more then one pilot get the second one half price but still bond each pilot for full price :) As you can see in the photo the sim is stationary but after you get in and fly around for a bit you would think otherwise.

The money shot of the inside of the sim. The instructor station on the left with his computers which reak havoc on every flight you do, be it engine failures or an uncommanded pusher at 100 feet. We had an excellent sim instructor and I learned quite a bit here at Simcom.

I heard that it is a real PC12 nose section from Pilatus so everything is the same size as the real aircraft. I believe this to be true because they have a TBM 700 sim and its about 8 inches wide and that would be about right :)

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