Friday, June 09, 2006

Going to the home of the Packers

CYKF-KGRB (Kitchener, Ontario - Green Bay, Wisconsin)
We decided to leave early so that we could go grab a bite to eat in Green Bay before we had to depart. Well Mother Nature did not want it to be so and we ended up sitting on the apron burning gas waiting for release as the area was full of aircraft deviating and center didn't have a spot for us (not slagging Toronto Center but New York Approach seems to handle alot more when times are tough ;). We sat and waited till the cell was about 5 miles away and finally got released. The thunderstorms were caused by a weak front passing through and the line was very small but long. We headed north towards ARTHR intersection and was able to head west after passing it and proceed to Green Bay. I love thunderstorms when I am on the ground and really love them when I can see them from the air at a distance. Having to go around them while in cloud and trusting the weather radar is something I would rather not do and it detracts from their beauty :)

Only 20 miles later the sunshine grows and its clear sailing the rest of the flight. It is nice to get the worst part out of the way early on and drink coffee and relax the next hour and thiry minutes.

En-route to Green bay we pass about 70 miles north of KDTW (Detroit). This is as good as I could get this picture but its of a Northwest 747-400 climbing through FL260 northbound for points unkown. After seeing that I was glad I would be landing in an hour and that he is still probably flying somewhere over Europe :)

KGRB (Green Bay) Here we are on a downwind for Rwy 06. It was pretty bumpy on the descent but mother nature co-operated for a few seconds so I could get this picture. This area of the US is truely gorgeous. Rolling little hills and green pasture, reminds me alot of southern Ontario but with more people.
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