Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Florida back to Canada

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge which crosses Tampa Bay. This is the new bridge that was built in 1987 after a freighter in a bad rain storm hit and knocked out a section of the old one. A greyhound bus driving over the section at the time plunged into the water below killing all on board. Talk about crappy timing. Here is the link to the history and some pictures of what it used to look like and more details on the incident. Sunshine Skyway Bridge

KTPA Tampa International Airport

Just levelled off at FL250 cleared direct to Charlie West (that's what the controller said and I asked again) Charleston West Virgina or HVQ (VOR). Otherwise it sounded like an intersection or waypoint. This flight spanned over 1200 miles and all we had was 2 waypoints in the GPS. Somedays you get lucky and have a nice straight route otherwise you end up doglegging all over hell's half acre. Speakin of hell it was 31 celsius in Florida with about 80 percent humidty ! Glad to be north bound !

With heat and humidity you get CB's and as you can see things are starting to pop up as its the afternoon. Our routing on the southbound portion took us around a huge Cell by Jacksonville and we avoided weather all the way down and got better winds then expected. All in all a great flight.

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