Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Billy Connolly

I was recently watched a show featuring Billy called "Journey to the Edge of the World" where Billy travels from the east coast of Canada up the Northwest Passage all the way to Vancouver Island.

For anyone interested in seeing the farther reaches of Canada I highly recommend it and with Billy's sense of humour it makes for good entertainment.

The following few photo's were taken in Tuktoyaktuk and previously posted here, but since watching the show I realized the people who were in my pictures on top of the Pingo were Billy and his cameraman ! When I saw the episode I noticed how beautiful the tundra looked in Tuk and I realized that it didn't look like that the past two years so it must have been earlier. Well after looking at the dates I found for his show and the fact someone in Tuk said someone was in town filming a documentary the same day it all made sense.

So Billy if you ever see this post I wouldn't mind the video footage of us circling overhead :) You were probably cursing me while trying to take your own footage !



Harrison said...

Those guys cast a long shadow. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

James David said...

This blog might have depressed Billy Connolly. Thanks for the genuine photos and for this blog.

James David teaches people how to buy single engine airplanes & has a passion for the Cessna 170