Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall in the North

These pictures were posted last year I believe but these are some new vantage points courtesy of my Father In-Law...Beautiful fall colours are abound and it's still about +17 when this shot was taken. Now I must say that it has cooled off somewhat but still seasonal and no -40 yet ! This is Cameron Falls about 40 minutes east of Yellowknife on the Ingram Trail.
Parking just after the falls on the way home and climbing up a large rock face...this is the outflow end of the falls at powder point. The canoe route takes you on this path and next year it would be nice to give it a go.
One of the last beautiful days to be out and about before the rain and snow... looking towards the top of the falls.
To keep with the aviation theme here is a First Air C-130 Hercules taking off for Ekati most likely ! They must get sick of that route but a job is a job ! Still haven't been anywhere new worthy of pictures but I always try and think of something to post...

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