Saturday, July 10, 2010

7 Years

7 years ago this week I started out finally getting paid to do this gig. It was for less money than I made to load them but at least instead of showing up to work to load 4 of them I just was responsible for one. No this airplane wasn't flying in a 3rd world was Northern Manitoba which for the most part could be considered one!. This girl had a directional gyro on the co-pilot's side and a fixed card ADF with a VFR gps. 172's had better avionics but it was a nice airplane to fly, stable and boy could she take a load. I believe we got 4 snow machines in the back for a charter once. It wasn't pretty but a sight to behold none the less. A year after this picture was taken the company went bankrupt (this is an aviation blog after all) and all the Bandeirante's were flown south into a scrap yard.

Looking back at the path I have taken things have gone about 180 degrees from where I initially set course but where I have ended up is even better then my previous supposed destination ! Here's to going with the flow and enjoying the journey every minute (or every other minute when you have to hold in places like Tadoule Lake :)

Photo courtesy of LostAv8r. He doesn't know that he has lent it to me but that's what happens when you are so poor you don't have a computer so you have to download them to your friends.
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