Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cameron Falls, NT

This is some more photo's of our experience at Cameron Falls. It was in the fall and the weather was gorgeous (-5 and Sunny). The next day we received 30 cm's (12 inches) of snow so our timing was impeccable. Here is a stand of Aspen on the way to the falls, quite a bit of symmetry for random events in nature.

Whiskey Jack's swooping in to grab some egg salad sandwich as we sit for lunch after checking out the falls. They are also know as Grey Jay's and are the most friendly birds I have ever encountered. At first they flew by us over and over and eventually landed in the trees beside us. Then I tried a piece of cheese on the ground and eventually it lead to them sitting on our hand and eating ! An awesome experience.

By the time we were done there was about 4 of them competing for the food, we had lots so we were able to share some to get them primed for the upcoming winter weather.

Coming in for a landing...I thought it was hard trying to capture an airplane on short final but this was a little more challenging. Thank God for the rapid fire option on the new SLR ! Sorry for the lack of new aviation material but I thought I would share some of the Northern Experience I have been having lately! Next photo's are of some really amazing birds. They fly all the way from pole to pole each year and soon we should be seeing them again !

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