Monday, January 26, 2009

Update from the field....

Lot's of new changes have happened since the last time I posted to the blog. After getting married I got another new job and moved 6300 Km's away from home. I guess home is where I am so I can't really move away from it !

Off the beaten path used to represent the type of flying I used to do but these days I am home every night and hit the same hot spot locales almost everyday. All the things about my old job I did not like were cured by my new job but I sure do miss going somewhere new everyday. With the old schedule of 12 on and 3 off I don't think I would have stayed married too long so this is definitely a move in the right direction !

I just upgraded to a new Core I7 computer system with many giga this and giga that, and the bonus of having a 24 inch LCD aids in my picture viewing and editing by 1000 percent compared to the old laptop.

I will try and post some new pictures here shortly as they are taken in areas that are indeed off the beaten path but lately I have been burning tracks in the sky everyday flying to them.

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Here are just a few pictures to spruce up the place till I get more organized and create some good posts going.

Most amazing sunset I have ever seen ! (Captured on my Wife's old Minolta 35mm as I left my digital in the rental cars be never "found" again).

Localized was just hanging over the airport on one side so I was able to land without a problem. It was -41 Celsius ambient so the little bit of moisture off the river caused water vapour to turn into ice crystals.

Lovely turquoise coloured lake from 24,000 feet.

Turbine Otter resting after a hard days work. This was my first day in our new city and after seeing this view I knew things were going to work out juuuust fine !

It is not Niagara but the fact you can stand right beside the edge made it much more exciting ! The rumble of the water and the essence of it's power almost hit ya right in the heart. Amazing !

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Greybeard said...

Welcome back.
As usual, wonderful photos. Sorry to hear about the digital camera...
Hope no "priceless" shots were lost!
Lookin' forward to more.