Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quebec City 2

So here we are in Battlefields Park on this beautiful sunny spring day. Apparently horses run on autopilot as well as most airplanes. Here the tour guide is deeply immersed in talking while the horse walks the same path over and over all day long. When you think of it I am sure glad I do not share the same fate as the horse, but he might think the same when he can take a crap right on the street during daylight and well....I can't :)

I guess when you are not home you always seek out the known....well in this part of the country this is about as close to home as I can get :) To be honest visiting Quebec City is much better then visiting many areas in Montreal. Usually anglophones don't come up this far as frequently as they do in Montreal so the people here seem to be friendlier towards those non french speaking folks. Just an observation of mine...

This is the view from the walkway around the Fort overlooking the St.Lawrence River towards Levis, Quebec. This is the wall the French built to keep out the English...funny how things change ;)

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