Tuesday, May 01, 2007

St. Pete

I think I might have found a solution to my camera's inability to take quality low level shots ( other than giving it to someone who knows how to use it :). I need to use the sun's light to get faster shutter speeds but with the low light I can use a wider aperture so it all works out for a clearer shot with less noise.

Here we are climbing through 15,000 feet with the Florida sun rising in the east as we head home from a late night flight. The title St. Pete could be because what you are looking at is St.Petersburg Florida, or the headset and the head holding it is my co-captain Pete :) He ain't no Saint that's for sure!!! Just kidding of course if Pete's wife is reading this ;)

We flew all night to get here and what a gorgeous night it was. How many times can you fly 1200 nautical miles without a cloud in the sky ? Probably a lot but most of the time you might get clear skies at the departure airport and thunderstorms at the destination so to have a flight go so smoothly from start to finish is a blessing. The best part about sky clear nights is the sunrises you get the next morning, nothing better then having a big ball of fire glisten off your wings as you climb up into the heavens.

A lot more pictures to come. Stay tuned.


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