Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The race is on

Kinda a boring post I know but on the flight home from Aiken there was a ton of traffic and I was trying to get some pictures of the closest ones we saw. I think the aircraft in the lead is a 767 (but of course).

Again a closer shot...for us Canadians to head south the difference in the amount of air traffic is amazing. Because of such traffic density on the east coast and arrival and departure gates you usually get to see a lot of airplane when passing in the usual spots. This is just west of Washington DC.

Big Sky theory....well in my view at the time these were the only planes I could see and they are nice and shtoight together. Amazing...

A trip wouldn't be complete without a big friendly wave to Krista and Jason (+1) in KJGG on the way home !

Right out of a line from The Mask with Jim Carrey.....SHHHHHHHHHHHAMMMMMMOKINNNNN. Sometimes you see some really odd town names. There is a few more pics coming up with a few more that I have seen. A fellow pilot one day was giving a PIREP and to give his position to flight service he looked on the IHAS moving map screen. He couldn't resist to give his position being a mature 30 something male...."position is 15 miles east of Wiener, Kansas". I guess that does it for some. Fly safe.


k said...

Were you over Wmsbg mid-afternoon on Wednesday? 'Cuz +1 got really busy for ~5 minutes around then... s/he knew you were up there!

Flyin Dutchman said...

No sorry :) I was up but over Michigan and Wisconsin ! That was from the beginning of March that picture.

Wasn't sure what to call +1 but like in formation flying when you check in its you plus 1. I really need to expand my thought patterns and break free of flying at some point ;)

Cheers !