Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mackinac bridge, revisited

Here is Mackinac Bridge from the opposite side that I previously blogged about it. Nice to see the ice is mostly gone and there is a slight hint of green on the ground. If it wasn't for this bridge or a ferry you would have to drive from northern Michigan all the way south through, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana to get around to the north. So basically this bridge is a key part of the infrastructure in the area.

Here she is again with a wider shot. It was hard to focus on because of all the water around it and the distance (25000 feet equals 5 miles and plus about 5 miles horizontally).

As talked about in the previous post about Military airspace...this is Drummond Island (KDRM) which is on an island right between the Canadian and US border. It is just north of the restricted airspace and if your destination is west of Michigan this is a perfect customs stop. You can see the golf course it sits on pretty good in this picture.

Little Current, Ontario on Manitoulin Island. Still quite a bit of ice left up here as you can see in this picture. My aunt and uncle live on this island and due to its distance from home rarely get to see them. Hence I need a Lancair 4 Turbine to hop in and be there in an hour :)

They live a bit behind where the wing is in this picture but I wasn't quite sure where because settlements on this island aren't very big so it's hard to see the little villages. Beautiful place though and I definitely need to visit ! Killarney Provincial Park is near buy and it holds some of the nicest scenery in Ontario. Lots of lakes, rolling hills, Georgian Bay and access to the Great Lakes just to name a few reasons.

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sarah said...

that and Killarney has some amazing fish and chips, if you land at the airport, just a short walk down the dirt road into town.