Friday, March 30, 2007

EAA Museum #2

Looks like a VLJ (Very Light Jet) but this is just a homebuilt with a single engine pusher propeller straight out of the tail. It is a Cirrus VK-30.

Another Rutan design in the EAA museum. This aircraft is similar to the one John Denver crashed and was killed. It is a Puffer Cozy homebuilt and these things look odd but really haul.

Rutan VariViggen homebuilt....weird looking but still cool.

Spaceshipone. A replica that won the X prize for going into space, coming back and doing it again. Pretty amazing stuff...check it out more in detail here.

A preview of the museum from the far corner in the helicopter section. The helicopter in view is the one I want (Rotorway Exec 162F). It's around 65,000 to own and is pretty cheap to operate.

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