Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One track mind....viewer discretion is advised

Waiting around finally pays off as this G-IV comes in for a landing on runway 21 in Scottsdale, Arizona. I had previously taken pictures of this airplane on the ramp in Toronto but got in trouble because they didn't want it photographed. So now on the other side of the fence I am able to get even better shots with nicer scenery ! This airplane is meticulously kept up and upon closer inspection you will find the door hinges which usually gather dirt in the grease are cleaned. I love the look of this type of airplane but any airplane that can stay in the air longer then a duty day isn't my idea of fun. In Vancouver I had the pilot of a G-V show me their infra-red night vision and poor vis display. They also had a tablet PC mounted to the yoke with a CD collection of the entire world's IFR approach database. If your gonna fly a 45 million dollar plane you may as well do it right. Also in that aircraft they had a crew compartment with a full on bed, personal lav and a flat screen TV. It is owned by Wachovia Financial Services
I guess those bank fees sure do add up !

On the landing roll out and thrust reverser's deployed she came to exit just past where we are standing. Sure is a great paint scheme also.

King Air-350 I think. My friend the Lostav8r is now lucky enough to pilot one of these machines and the avionics in it are amazing. They have the new LCD EFIS screens which look more modern and are probably a lot lighter then the old CRT's. It trues out at FL200 at around 300 knots so its a pretty speedy machine. But I don't think it has the range we do. We also get better single engine climb performance !

Dassault Falcon 900 taxiing for departure runway 21 KSDL. He took position and spooled up the engines but then aborted and taxied back for take off again. Might have been someone clearing at the end of the runway that didn't get off in time.

A Cirrus on final runway 21. This is the same type of aircraft that crashed in NYC with Cory Lidle last fall. A pretty sleek little bird and has even more amazing avionics. I don't personally like the style of EFIS where its one big computer screen divided into pitch, speed, altitude, navigation. It's probably because by just looking at it and not actually using it I feel it is too much to look at all at once and for an IFR scan I just look at the whole damn screen. It's probably easier for IFR hand flying when you get used to it but I will stick with my 90's technology cause it still works great and I usually end up where I am suppose to go.


k said...

"Usually," eh? Scary.... ;)

Flyin Dutchman said...

Sorry, by usually I mean all the time :) But would I really put on my blog that I haven't :)

Arizona was great but after just two days and the fact that the weather is always the same, no real seasons I was glad to go home. Very clean and modern but in the area I was in there was no real old school character like good old Williamsburg !

If you are gonna fly out here make sure you buy in on that Columbia 350, at least it will be a lot quicker !