Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day light savings time changing...

Daylight savings time moved up a month to save energy

I am not sure if I have just been not paying attention to this topic but it struck me as a rather important to know.

I guess in an effort to save energy by setting the clock ahead one hour this new date of when we turn the clocks ahead an hour will happen almost a month earlier, and a month later in the fall.

In 2007 DST will begin at 2am March 11th, and fall back November 4th at 2am. Click here for more info.

I figured I would have heard or read about this already, has it been in the news lately ?

Anyways don't forget to set your clock's ahead!



nec Timide said...

There was a lot in the news last year but it has been quiet lately except for IT channels carrying patch info for dealing with it.

Blake said...

Damn! you kinda beat me too it.. I might still make a post about DST on my blog..

Yeah, lots of news last year. As "nec timide" said above, the IT world has been dealing with it quite a bit.

Getting all those machines patched at work is one of the projects i'm working on. I really wish all the machines were set using UTC like in the aviation world rather than Eastern Time.

Flyin Dutchman said...

I was wondering if my computer was gonna do it for me automatically as usual :)

I had no idea about it till I was telling my mother its not till April and then proceeded to argue that point. Thank God for google and my stubborn ignorance :)

Cheers fellas,

chicpilot said...

I'm from AZ and we never changed.... I guess if it saves energy that's atleast a reason. Couldn't we not and say we did so I can just never have to wake up an hour earlier?

Flyin Dutchman said...


Apparently its a new law in the US in order to conserve energy. In Canada we are following suit and with our latitude would have the most to gain.

You'll only lose the hour for one night and then take 8 months to get it back :)