Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heaven 2.0

FL280 westbound. The late afternoon sun is almost down below the horizon but is giving one more great show before she goes for the night. Also Venus is in the western sky but I was unable to get a focused shot of it because of turbulence.

Similar to a previous picture I posted in the summer. Great texture and variance in tonights clouds. A frontal wave moving across Quebec along with warm temperature caused the diverse cloud formations which breaks up the boring clouds of winter.

Looking south towards Maine. We have descended to FL200 to get out of the winds but the turbulence is unrelenting. Still showing 75 knots of headwind but compared to FL280 and 110 knots I'll take what I can get.

Starting to get to dark to capture the cloud deck below without cranking up the ISO on the camera. It will be nice to get a DSLR in the future that can handle the low light a bit better. But for the price and the fact it does the job I am content with it.


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Cool Photos and nice blog.

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Thanks for the comments folks !