Friday, December 15, 2006

Its a warm December...

Well I can't complain about the cold yet. I mean I have already on here when I was out in Calgary but so far in Southern Ontario it has been wwwwwarm. All week its been around 7-10 degrees which is way above the norm for this time of year.

I was thinking since I don't have much material to share I would go back into the archives and see what I could post. I have some videos but since my camera does pretty good quality videos they are in excess of 200 MB some of them. So I went into movie maker to shrink em down and it also reduces the quality somewhat.

I am going to work on this more as this was my first ever experience with Movie Maker and its amazingly simple but so am I so I need some more time to perfect my director abilities.

This video is of this past summer when we had the great opportunity to go to the Bahamas. It's not deep in the Bahamas but about 50 miles east of Miami. Here is the FO taking off on the tar and chip runway over the water. I think I am going to make more video when I am flying because they seem to fair much better for quality and are interesting to watch afterwards.


Jade said...

Cool vid. That'd be sweet flying down to the warmer reaches of the world. I tried to load a vid too, but my computer is to slow and just simple put sucks. Keep up the good stuff.

Whisky Yankee said...

Great video FD, though I felt myself pulling back on the stick before you did!!
Been meaning to ask for a while - our UK Met.Office will give me TAFs and METARs for all N.American airfields but some of your code is different to ours. I've figured out some of the differences but is there a Canadian where I can access the decode?
Illuminating shots of the aurora! We only get a weak version here but I have seen the Southern Lights also. Spookiest of all is St.Elmo's fire. Our ship glowed green! And that was before we started drinking!
Thanks once again for a really interesting blog and I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and peace and happiness in 2007.

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey WY,

About the weather issues, it could be because sometimes I am just using the 3 letter idents but all you have to do is add the C.

The Canadian site is NavCanada's Aviation weather page.

Or a site that can give you TAF's/METARS for Canada and US go to NOAA Weather Site. Just look up TAF/METAR page

Love the comment about St. Elmo's fire :) Too funny, I can't imagine seeing the whole ship light up like that.

I had it once in the arctic flying back at night the whole windscreen light up. Once I figured out what it was but initially thought I saw sparks coming from under the cowling.

Merry Christmas to you WY, thank's as usual for the kind remarks!