Sunday, December 03, 2006


Downtown Boston from 1500 feet !

"Fly heading 270" was the command from Boston Departure Control as we took off from RWY 22R at Boston Logan International. When I looked at where that would be taking us at first I wasn't sure if we would be able to gain enough altitude fast enough to safely overfly downtown. As we turned out on the heading the wind was drifting us south of downtown so it wasn't going to be an issue. Then over the radio came "Fly heading 290". Basically we got vectored directly over downtown Boston and here is a shot as we just are flying over. This is the co-pilot's shot. Not many places do you get to fly right over the high rises like this so it was a treat and great scenery to look at. The night before a cold front swept through and they actually had heavy thunderstorms and at 1500 feet the winds were 65 knots. The remnants of that front were still around this morning and she was pretty bumpy on the way in and out.

Another photo credit goes to the co-pilot for this one. There is no halo around my head but today there is one around the whole airplane. You tend to see this quite a bit when climbing on top of the cloud layer but he did a nice job capturing it today.

I have sort of been not so keen on taking shots lately as I was looking at a bunch of SLR shots on The photo quality of some of them are amazing. I was looking to into some SLR cameras but with the price I will be not getting one anytime soon.



Jade said...

Boston is one of the places I would like to go to. I don't know why, but I guess it just sounds like a nice city to me. And the pic you've got here is pretty nice. As to when you where in Toon town, I think I might have been flying that 200 that day too. I remember seeing your plane there, it didn't cross my mind that you'd be riding it way out here on the flats. Catch you again someday.

k said...

Great shot! If I have to see Boston again, I hope it's only from the air!