Friday, November 17, 2006

Williamsburg Virginia

Governors Palace up close (close as I can get the whole thing in the frame at least :)

Now for a lot of colonists this would be the last tree they would ever see. Those steps lead you up to a nice little fall with a rope tied around your neck.

Behind the church there was a few sheep out grazing. Its located behind the first African American Church in Williamsburg.

The Public Hospital. This was the first Hospital in North America that was dedicated to treating the mentally ill. 1773 the first patient was admitted here now that's crazy.
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Whiskey Yankee said...

Been out of the frame for a few weeks, so have spent a most enjoyable couple of hours going through your blog,FD. Lots to take in, extremely interesting, both as a pilot and also a student of landforms. Superb photos too. Thanks a lot and many more hours of perusal left yet. Thought Williamsburg looked familiar. A friend of my wife has a son who lives there and he sent us a guide book a couple of years ago. Had a heavy landing in a PA-28 the other day, a deadpan ATC voice said " If you have any instruments left that can help you, exit next right via Bravo and taxy back!" Deserved!
Happy flying.

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey WY,

I wondered where you went :) Good to hear from you and glad you are still able to type after the heavy landing :)

If you do ever get the chance Williamsburg is great and since you already have a guide book you will be set.

Thanks again for the comments and safe flying.