Friday, November 17, 2006

Williamsburg (KJGG) Virginia (The forgotten pics)

Now I just spend the past 5 minutes looking through my blog as I thought posted these pictures already. I realized I hadn't and remembered Blogger was down that day when I tried and I had too many more pics to upload afterward.

This is Williamsburg, Virginia
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson to name a few founding fathers of America walked these streets back in the day. This area (Jamestown/Williamsburg) is where America essentially started. In 1926 the historic area in Williamsburg was being preserved and restored. They did a great job and this place is truly worth a visit !

Looking down Duke of Gloucster Street. Now take a virtual tour down the streets of Williamsburg with this amazing flash presentation !

William and Mary College. The first school in the "new world" to have a Royal Charter from England (1693) making it one of the oldest education institutions in the US (second oldest). Thomas Jefferson went here so that just tells ya how long they have been in business.

This part of the historic area is filled with shops. This is a tourists dream for buying nick nacks, maple syrup and any type of flavored peanut. I tried wasabi, salsa and many other odd mixtures.


k said...

You got some fantastic pictures! We've lived in Wmsbg for ~5 years now, and have learned that it's always a good idea to have a camera around. There are so many unique things with the historic triangle (did you make it to Jamestown -- 400th anniversary of the real settling of America in the spring -- or Yorktown?). The Colonial Parkway is my favorite part of this area; it's a slow-speed "country" road from Jamestown through Wmsbg to Yorktown, through the woods, along two rivers... GORGEOUS in the fall and invigoratingly lush in the spring and summer.

Thanks for the good coverage of your visit!

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey there,

I never got to leave the Williamsburg area as I had no vehicle so I got as much as I could on foot.

I am definetly going to make a road trip one day through the whole east coast and explore all the history.

I can just picture the road you are talking about. I was in Princeton NJ and we travelled on a road just like you described.

Thanks for the comments !