Friday, November 24, 2006

Sunset on a 727

Well first off this picture really isn't any good but I walked for an hour to take it so I have to put on here to make my efforts worth while.

I do not own a tripod so taking shots as the sun has just about left the evening sky is next to impossible.

This is a picture of a Boeing 727 which is being parted out on the First Air ramp in Ottawa. The 727 is still widely used by cargo companies such as Fedex, and Kelowna Flightcraft (Purolator). I guess when an airplane is 40 years old its hard to convince passengers to still think the 60's technology is good enough. Well its not the technology in this case its the fuel burn that ended an amazing career.

I have flown on the 727 a few times when the late Greyhound Airlines was around. I paid 160 dollars student stand-by (including tax's ! before airports raped us of 15 dollar airport improvement fees) from Calgary to Toronto. I sat at the very rear of the airplane which was a bit noisy, but for that price I was lucky not to be put in the baggage compartment.

I have always had a love affair with the 727. She has nice lines, still going strong after 40 years and can haul tons of stuff. Its sad to see her getting ripped to pieces and sitting half naked on the ramp but there is a quote I saw on Avcanada recently and I will end with that....

"No matter how much you love an airplane, it will never love you back" -Anonymous

PS I think that's a bunch of crap anyways ;)

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Anonymous said...

I'm with ya buddy. And none of the big jets sound quite as sexy these days either. Nice shot.

Anonymous said...

Old is definatly not bad. The T-37 has been around since the 50s but she's done her job and lasted this long... I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for her.

Jade said...

I know the feeling of walking for a mile or so just to get a picture of an airplane. And then it comes out like crap. This pic isn't so bad. I haven't posted any of my crap pics since they usually have only half of a moving airplane. My comments for the pics would be something like, 'Yeah, that dusty spot of the runway is where a real pretty plane landed, actually if you close enough you can just see the tail of her on the right side of this pic'. I love hearing the B727, "power".

Flyin Dutchman said...

Chicpilot what do you fly now ? Something only 30 years old ;)
Even still if you can quote speed in Mach numbers you have me beat !


I hear ya ! I would love to get an SLR and take some seriously lessons so I could start capturing all the stuff you think would look cool but also be able to show the picture after :)

Was in Toontown there and was wondering if I might have seen ya. You fly the 200 right ?