Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Home for a rest....

Recently I had the opportunity to go home for awhile on my days off to visit the family and also be fortunate to have one day out of 7 where it didn't rain ! I spent the first 19 years growing up in this area and like most teenagers wanted to go away to explore elswhere to see what else life had to offer. As they say for most part its the people you meet that really make the experience and I agree, but secondly I think its the scenery also :) I mean who can't invision mountain peaks covered in snow and the thoughts, images it projects. There are no mountains close by to this area but it has its own unique charm. Also it has alot of history for my family. One of my first ancestors settled here on a measly 1700 acres back in the late 1700 early 1800's. He was a Loyalist and fought against the USA in 1812. Here I am an inch off the gravel road I have walked many times near my old house. The road you are looking down is actually called Devil's Door Road. Apparently down the way there is a rock cut that appears to be in the shape of a door so somehow the name stuck.

Ever since I have been a kid this field always seems to get really good light in the evening and it always looks like such a perfect country setting. The blur in the foreground is a round bale of hay, in the background is the hay wagon and an old barn where its headed (eventualy).

This field has the greenest pasture and is manicured like a huuge lawn. Now I have no idea why there are so many fields that have one tree in the middle of it but this one looks so lonely but is OUTSTANDING in its field :) Seriously someone if they know tell me why some farmers leave one tree in the middle of a field.

While I was checking my email I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Well it was about 25-30 Wild Turkeys. Due to the recent rain they were eating worms in the backyard and basically worked the yard in a grid to cover most of it seemed. Then as I started to snap pictures a little fox came out to see if he could score some lunch.....well he was unsuccesful as three of the Turkeys squawked, fluttered their wings and charged him. He ran off into the woods and was off to look for something easier to get.
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Jamie said...

I think most farmers leave one tree in the field do that it disuades pilots from practicing emergency landings and low and overs in their field. Especially in Pilatipusses.

Bin said...

Jamie's point makes good sense, trees are a suitable deterrent for the kind-hearted types. Farmers with a hate on for pilots, planes and their low-level shenanigans generally favour the nearly invisible "plane snare", aka power lines over the more visible tree.

bin said...

Another less interesting reason to leave a tree in the middle of a field is that the tree is on the site of an old homestead that has disappeared and the tree could be an informal memorial to one's ancestors. It could also be a marker for an abandoned well or building foundation that could cause damage to farm equipment.

Flyin Dutchman said...

I don't think farmers hate pilots that much, but I am gonna look into your plane snare theory :)

Maybe its a place to park during the day to get in the shade after getting baked plowing in the sun all day.

Thanks for the input Binder.

Shouldn't you be study for the sim ?

bin said...

Done and done, thanks.