Monday, November 27, 2006

"Freezin but I'm burnin..."

I left +15 celisus yesterday to meet -25 and 25 knot wind equating to around -39 windchill. Call me soft I guess as the south has made me too used to warmer climes.

I am sitting in Saskatoon and waiting for the airplane door latch to thaw in the hangar. We tried methyl hyrdrate, a heater and now a last resort we are gonna thaw the whole damn thing out

The wind is howling here and it feels frickin freezing but Calgary's temperature is the same as the wind chill value here. So once we get done for the day the cold will just be beginning !

Johnny Cash wrote a song called "The girl from Saskatoon". Apparently he transited through here en route up to fishing lodges in Northern Saskatchewan.

To get to my point about the song....he gets to the part "I am freezin but I am burning, for that girl in Saskatoon". Well there aint no girl here but I am sure as hell freezin !

Also to my dismay the airplane I am flying today has mositure stuck between the pains and since it was -49 at altitude its been frosted over and I was unable to snap many pictures.

Hopefully I will have a few to throw up soon.

Stay Tuned,


k said...

Sounds pleasant ;)

Not to rub it in or anything, but VA is having unseasonably warm weather -- On Nov 30 they're predicting a high of 73 F. Normal for late Nov is the 40s.

Calgary is on our list of "to visit" destinations, so I look forward to your pictures and will send warm thoughts to defrost the windows!

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey !

Yeah that is rubbing it even if you don't mean to ! :)

Its suppose to warm up today and back to the minus single digits.

I want to be clear I am not complaining just stating over and over its cold :)

Calgary is a great city, its expanded huuuge lately and even in the area I used to live in 6 years ago is the "old" part of town which were new at the time.

I will be sure to get some pictures for ya.