Monday, October 16, 2006

First snow of the fall....:(

Just east of Kalamazoo, Michigan. For some reason they got alot more snow then everywhere else did but it was nice to see but then reminds me of what the rest of winter looks like, brown and white.

Hard to see in this photo but the race way off to the north west is where the Indy 500 is held. This is just after taking off out of Indianapolis.

Wintery type clouds. Flat uniform layers and an 85 knot direct butt wind. Since winter brings with it more extremes in air mass's it also brings with it stronger winds and jet streams. Smooth as silk here at FL210.
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fakir005 said...

I'm glad we've not gotten ay snow yet this year. I could do without snow. I remember seeing my first snow when I was in Denmark decades ago. It was just a few flurries. I was excited. But now I,ve seen all the snow I wan to see.

Nellie's Blog said...

This is the best. When I go up in a plane..I really think that I can feel when you go thru a cloud. I like planes. I just haven't taken any pictures from up there. I did take a picture of the inside of a plane. when I was holding some kid to look out of the window and a vent fell out from under his feet. People past their camera to me to take a picture, thinking the plane was going to crash. ha ha we were on our way to Hawaii. we didn't crash.