Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The dead and the living dead...

Its always sad to see a good old airplane getting picked limb by limb to soon one day be nothing but a hollowed out shell of something that once used to carry people or freight at 450 kts. You would think they would park these things out of sight but no, they go with the Hamilton sky line as things that once where and now are at their end.

Now the living dead..... This is a Beech 99 cargo plane owned by Prince Edward Air.
Since box's and packages don't care what the airplane looks like or by being this dirty doesn't affect profit margins it always looks like this. This airplane goes from Hamilton to Pierre Elliott Tredau International Airport (Montreal, Dorval)

Up close and personal, man is that dirty :)

On departure out of Hamilton, simply a great day of flying in store !


Whiskey Yankee said...

Just got back from a week in Paris, France so have some catching up to do. Some really beautiful photos for me to study at leisure so many thanks FD and will add comments and ask questions later. Hope many others will find this blog and justify your efforts. At the very least it is extremely educational and useful for schools and colleges. I like the PA-28s too!! Take care.

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey there ! Since you are getting to Paris you better get a blog going with some pictures for me to peruse !! Thanks again for the comments and would love to answer any questions you might can a plane as dirty as that Beech 99 overcome drag to fly ? :)


Nellie's Blog said...

your right that is a dirty plane. I work at UPS and the planes get clean every day...As if the packages care. But I guess you can see the pretty planes in the air. and they are the big big ones. Very nice pictures. I can look at your pictures and pretend that I was there cause they are very nice. thanks