Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Island and a peek at Porter

On final RWY 33 at Toronto City Center Airport.

Hey Porter, Hey Porter (Johnny Cash song) Here Porter Airlines Dash 8-400 holds short of RWY 08 about to go on a training flight to prepare for their first revenue flight next month. I went up to check the airplane out after it came back and it is such a gorgeous airplane. I hope they do well and expand the market out of the Island as it is such a great location to fly to and from.

Short final RWY 33. Usually the winds dictate a westerly or easterly landing so this is a not so commond sight for us. Gorgeous scenery though for an approach.

Here is a picture of downtown Winnipeg. Not what I would call a picturesque city but I guess its not all bad. Even if there is only 3 seasons....snow, mud, mosquitos.
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david said...

I was at CYTZ a couple of weeks ago. Just as I got off the ferry with my family on the mainland side, I turned around and saw the new Porter DHC-8 lift off. Note the word "saw" -- you could barely hear it, if at all, over the sound of the city's regular car traffic, so it was almost like watching a stealth plane take off. It's a long brute compared to a normal Dash-8.

Jade said...

Good stuff man. I like busy airspace as it offers a lot of cool airplane sightings. And Porters gonna be interesting to see how it devolops and adds a new element to the Canadian aviation world.