Friday, August 11, 2006

War Memorial Ottawa

With the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan going on and also the reasoning behind it (Coalition of the Willing) I think of what it would be like to serve in the Armed Forces. What reason today would I be giving my life for ? GWB's control of the Oil which the US so desperately needs ? Another war which comes to mind is Vietnam. If I had to go back then I feel as if I would need a greater purpose. I guess when you sign up you are going along for the ride and you have a belief that its for a good cause. When I recently visited the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario I thought of the time in which the World went to War and fought against the regime of Hitler. It would seem that going to war to fight an enemy that is truely evil and must be stopped seems worthy enough of a cause. Last night when getting dropped off at the hotel I began chatting with the older gentleman who was our shuttle driver. We began talking and I found out he has served in Vietnam. He was in a recon unit and had served almost three tours in Vietnam. When I asked how long a tour was he said a year then 30 days on leave and back for another year. Prior to this I was bitching about how our schedule sucked at work and how things could be better and how we hoped to move onto something better. All this while I was flying a 4.5 million dollar airplane, getting paid descent money, living a life I chose, and just getting dropped off at the Hilton hotel. This guy slept in the jungle, had fellow friends die, and spent almost three years away from home and to top it all off got wounded by mortar fire and had back and leg problems because of it. When I asked him what it was like he said it was Hot, Wet, and rough. Now there is a man who would be given a stage if he wanted to complain!
Also, due to the supposed terror plot to blow up 10 aircraft the same day I met him I was already in a mood of appreciation for life and meeting him just solidified the feeling.
In short I appreciate all the men and women who died for freedom and the life I live is because of their sacrifice. When I was young I never understood the remebrance day slogan..."Lest we forget" It never made sense as a child to always think about people dying. But now as I am older I realize its not in the dying but what they died for !

War Memorial Ottawa

As I was saying earlier, "Lest we forget"....It never became more apparent in my life as it did on September 11, 2001. That entire day it showed me what it was all about. We must never forget all those who have died and in this case because of hate. Jesus said it best....Love one another....

A view of the top of the memorial, I wanted to get a glint of sunshine as I wanted to show the good side of sacrifice. Because of those before me I was able to take pictures and enjoy with pure freedom this gorgeous day and also do my part in remembering.
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Sherise said...

Hey Pumpkin!
I hadn't checked out your blog lately but I did tonight. Great job! Great thoughts! You're getting wise, Grasshopper! Do you remember where you were on September 11th, 2001? Have you seen the new movie? We're all fine. Hope you are, too.