Friday, June 30, 2006


Funny to me story about this airport. The previous day when en-route on a 3 hour leg and a very early morning we got cleared direct to our destination airport (CYKZ). The co-pilot in his early morning fog said roger direct CYSZ. The controller called back and said ummmm cleared direct to destination CYKZ ! So we looked up CYSZ to see if it did exist and the funny thing was that is was just north of our track. So the next day we take a trip to the east coast and end up flying right over it so I had to get some pictures for his sake. The Gaspe peninsula is totally gorgeous and I highly recommend a visit (I am assuming it looks as good at sea level as from 24,000 feet :)

As you can see on the IHAS there is a yellow area just ahead of us which represents rising terrain. Considering it is mostly flat I found it odd that there was anything in the way of terrain at all. From about 80 miles away I could see some white on the horizon that wasn't clouds. It was about 29 degrees out down below and definetly thought it was not snow.
Well I guess I was wrong, the few hills in the area had a few traces of snow left on them.

Here is a picture of the little mountain that is show in yellow on the IHAS. I hope to hyperlink this stuff in the future to where it is and stuff but just trying to get the photo's out on the blog.

About 90 miles east of Natash on the north side of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Not a sole for miles around but the place sure is beautiful.
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