Saturday, June 24, 2006

Busy week

KBTV ( Burlington, Vermont) Upon enterning the wrong and still actually meeting customs there I had hoped out at the sight of this airplane. It is a homebuilt amphibious aircraft that is truly amazing. It is called a Seawind and is a four place piston driven plane. It also has a turbine conversion for it as well (what I would buy). I once asked an instructor why the turbine is so reliable and piston engines are not. He said anything that goes 60 miles an hour in one direction, stops, turns around and does 60 miles an hour is inherently going to fail eventually. The Seawind can be purchased proffesionally built which is what I would go with because crusing at 180 kts in something I built just doesn't seem right.

On a layover in CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) the sun was setting and I thought I would give the old a camera a work out. Had alot of fun trying to get these planes in the right frame, zoom, and angle. As you can see I am a bit too close to the belly to get a nice angle so next time I will get a more side profile shot. This shot is for "sexy moma" you know who you are :) She says the CRJ 200 is better to fly then the new 705 so this shot is for her.

This is a picture of a "French, Plastic, Fag Plane" according to an old 737 Captain when asked what he thought of moving on to fly the A320. I don't like the cockpit of this airplane compared to say a 767. I really like the old steam gauges mixed with EFIS as it mixs old with new and all computer screens is like flight sim. Speaking of which, Microsoft Flight Sim 10 is coming out for this Christmas. Apparently it is going to be the Halo of Windows Vista to demonstrate Vista's new abilities as Halo did for the XBOX. So again another grand to upgrade the computer so it can run it and spend 100 bucks for the same software with a few new planes.

Well I finally am getting some days off here as of Monday so I will be putting up a few more pics from my travels. This week I have been back down to Florida, Vermont, Labrador, Illinois, Wisconsin, Toronto, Montreal, and others I can't think of. I will just post a few pics now as I am tired and have one more day to go.


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