Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Brockville Fly-In 2006

Here are some pictures from the 26th annual Brockville Flying Club Fly-In.

Pitts Special taking off in formation at CNL3 (Brockville, Ontario)

2 Pitts escorting the Cessna 421 to a great landing.

Some more information about theses guys....

This shot turned out ok, I just love how precise aerobatics guys do things and how the show never ends even when it comes to parking. I love organization when it all comes together and looks so cool.

This aircraft is in immaculate shape. I took a shot of the instrument panel and the grey paint and dials had not a scratch on them. When I see this type of operation and the fact there is 4 aircraft all I see dollar signs to the amount of cash that goes into it. Like they say in aviation....if you want to make a million in flying start off with ten.

One more thing, I would just like to thank these fellas for flying down to the fly-in as not many small airports can be blessed with such attendees ! Thanks guys !

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